1. What is our Essence?
2. We Are One, We Are Space
3. You Are That Which You Yearn For
4. Being the Watcher
5. The Journey to the Beloved
6. Relax into Your Own Sanctuary
7. Who Are You?
8. Buddha Nature

A beautiful soundscape with understanding
and experience of our most important aspect
from twenty one contemporary mystics and teachers
mixed with exquisite meditative music,
creating a space to experience our essence.

A profound mirror of our deepest self.

Featuring Gangaji, Osho, Shanti Mayi, Dr Richard Moss, Lama Ole Nydahl
Dr Stanislov Grof, Master Charles Cannon, Papaji and more


Awakening To Our Essence

How do you use words to describe something that is essentially indescribable?

Mystics have for centuries tried to do just that, to talk about the deepest, most important aspect of each of us; the God within, our spirit, our soul, our deepest self - our ‘essence’.


Because the more they talk about it, the greater the opportunity of understanding and evocation of that sense of deepest self in the listener.

To awaken to our essence is to attain our ultimate potential and it is this awakening that is at the heart of all mystical teachings.

’Speaking To Our Essence’ brings together the wisdom of twenty one contemporary teachers and mystics from around the world.

Followers of many paths and no path, teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism, the Kabbalah, Hinduism and Theosophy, from a vast range of philosophies and viewpoints, they are united by common truths and each shares understanding and experience of our most important aspect.

’Speaking To Our Essence’ is a unique soundscape that can be used over and over to take you on an ever-deepening journey into your self.

It is great for use by individuals or for healers, therapists, workshop, meditation and retreat leaders as a valuable tool to enhance the power of their work.

“I found this a transformative tool to help participants to touch the vastness of their being. There is a feeling of deep truth here.” ~ Jacob de Hoog

CD Contents
What Is Our Essence?
An Introduction Speakers: Qahira Qualbi, Joy Mills, Dr Stansilov Grof, Warren Kenton, Mouna Weekes, Nukunu, Ole Nydahl, Dr Jacob Liberman, Dr Richard Moss
Music: Sounds of Source 3 Master Charles Cannon Synchronicity Foundation

Dr Stansilov Grof - Listen (mp3)

Dr Richard Moss - Listen (mp3)

Qahira Qualbi -

We Are One, We Are Space
Speakers: Suchita, Jacob De Hoog, Catherine Rathbun
Music: Shimmering Snowscape Riley Lee New World Music & Media

Jacob De Hoog -
Listen (mp3)

Catherine Rathbun - Listen (mp3)

You Are That Which You Yearn For
Speaker: Gangaji
Music: Reflections Riley Lee New World Music & Media
Gangaji - Listen (mp3)
Being the Watcher
Speakers: Shanti Mayi, Indivar, Sri H.W.L Poonja
Music: Mixed Spice Riley Lee New World Music & Media
Indivar- Listen (mp3)
Sri H.W.L Poonja - Listen (mp3)
The Journey to the Beloved
Speakers: Indivar, Isaac Shapiro, Qahira Qualbi
Music: Echo Canyon Al Jewer Laughing Cat Records
Indivar- Listen (mp3) Isaac Shapiro - Listen (mp3)
Qahira Qualbi - Listen (mp3)
Relax Into Your Own Sanctuary
Speakers: Shanti Mayi, Sri H.W.L Poonja, Master Charles Cannon
Music: And East Met The West Tenzing Tsewang

Shanti Mayi - Listen (mp3) Sri H.W.L Poonja - Listen (mp3)
Master Charles Cannon- Listen (mp3)

Who Are You?
Speakers: Swami Suddhananda, Richard Moss, Isaac Shapiro
Music: Home Drala Dharma Moon
Swami Suddhananda - Listen (mp3)
Richard Moss- Listen (mp3)
8 Buddha Nature
Speaker: Osho
Osho - Listen (mp3)
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The Creation of ‘Speaking To Our Essence’

'Speaking To Our Essence' is the fruit of more than ten years of conversations between Suchita and some of the most remarkable people on the planet on Full Circle RTRFM 92.1.

In a hectic world, Full Circle is a two hour oasis of beauty, wisdom and peace.

“Over the years to create a space for relaxation and contemplation late on a Sunday afternoon, I have continued to play with the synergy of profound words and beautiful music.

When I combined special potent insights with meditative music, listeners reported that the resulting sound creations became powerful, transformative experiences.

This inspired me to further my exploration with a series of transformative CDs to support the soul and enhance the inner life in our busy modern world.

Rather than a one-off experience for radio I wanted to create an easily accessible medium that can be used whenever needed to help nurture the being. This is important in a world that values materialism and the intellect over the heart and soul.

I discovered that every time a guest would speak about our ‘essence’, it would evoke in me a sense of my own deepest self and I often found myself aiming for this point in my interviews so that each would nurture that same sense in those listening.

To explore that to which all mystics point - our highest, vastest, deepest aspect - seemed the perfect place to start, so ‘Speaking To Our Essence’ is the first in the series.”

May it support your journey home.”


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Feedback of

"Wholistic World Vision has no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this deeply inspirational experience of the divine 'I am' self and the pathway to self realisation. What could possibly be more relevant for our times?"

"I love it. I have listened to it repeatedly. It is in my car Cd player right now. Everytime I listen to it, it takes me to a deeper place of peacefulness. It takes me home.
Thankyou so much for this gift to the soul"

“This is no ordinary CD, the more I listen the deeper it takes me”

“It was so beautiful I cried.”

“It’s fantastic! It left me feeling so alert, relaxed and present- it's the type of experience I want over and over.’

“I‘ve listened to this CD dozens of times and it’s just amazing!
I am more and more blown away each time I listen.”

“If I’m feeling distressed or upset, listening to this CD eases the angst by bringing me back to my essential self.”

“I need this CD in my life!”

“The most beautiful gift you could give anyone”

Email Your Feedback To Suchita

Please give me your feedback!

I would love to hear of your experiences with
‘Speaking To Our Essence’.
While it was developed incorporating the feedback of a variety of people, it is the first of its kind and I am keen to keep exploring how to do it better.

I would love to hear how listening to ‘Speaking To Our Essence’ affects you, what works for you and what doesn’t and any suggestions for improvement. This will help me greatly for the next CDs I produce.